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Air Duct coatings in OKC


Why use a Duct Coating in OKC?

If you have mold in your air duct (HVAC) system, it is recommended to use experienced professionals to carry out proper air duct mold removal/ cleaning procedures. Air ducts are the most common places to find mold. This is the result of cooling humid air which produces excess condensation. When moisture gets in contact with smooth dark surfaces such as PVC duct piping for a prolonged period of time mold will most likely begin to grow. We use a proprietary coating that is water-based, non-toxic, and environmentally safe. Our rubberized coating contains a high level of zinc to help prevent the growth of mold. It contains no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) so there is no out-gassing of bad fumes in the short or long term. It’s so safe you can stay in your home while we apply it! In some cases, duct coating is a cheaper alternative than flipping your system overhead. If you need a duct repair or air duct cleaning before coating we offer that service as well!

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How dangerous is air duct mold?

Mold in air ducts can pose a serious threat to your health. Unlike cases where mold grows in isolated areas such as attic and crawl space, air duct mold has a potential to quickly spread mold contamination throughout the rest of your house, turning it in a health hazard. Mold particles although unseen still affect your breathing and health. Our hospital grade biocide fogging methods attaches to mold and particles and kills harmful allergens. 

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